About Miri Hash House Harriers

The Miri HHH was originally started in 1963 but faded out in 1966. It was re-established on May 27,1973 and has run continuously since then. It has always been an open and mixed hash with an average turn up each week of about 130 runners comprising a mixture of locals and expatriates, men, women and teenagers, fit and unfit, party animals and boring bastards.

Runs are generally through pathless jungle so are quite tough, encountering steep ridges, rivers, swamps and every natural delight that quickens the heart of a Miri hasher. Runs usually start about 15-25km from town and take one to two hours although on occasions up to 4 + for the back markers. Given that it gets dark between 6:30 and 7:30 its inevitable that some people get caught out so a torch is an essential (but the hares usually go back in to look for lost souls and we’ve never mislaid anyone for more than one night – YET)

Generally there is a choice of long or short/medium runs to cater for the widely differing abilities and aspirations of the mixed bag of runners.

Although a true jungle run, snakes and other undesirable local inhabitants are not are a problem (they’re more scared of us than we are of them) but there are occasional bee attacks and insects can be a problem if you’re stuck overnight.

The runs are followed by a short circle at the run site before retiring for a quick, and much needed, shower prior to the extended On-On at a local coffee shop with a good meal preceding the ritual down-downs.

Runs start at 5:15 every Tuesday and 4:30 every first Saturday of the month. Run charges are RM 15 for Virgins and those who have less than 6 runs.For the rest its RM 10. The cost for the On-On varies depending on consumption and location but is generally RM35 for food and beer or RM20 for food and softy or beer only. For the real drinkers/party-goers, a hard core usually manages to stagger on to a few of the local bars to finish off the night in style.