Other Chapters


Mad Miri Mens Hash House Harriers (M3H3)

The M3H3 was founded on 2nd October 1992 and is for Men Only. Most M3H3 runners are also regulars on the MHHH but who felt that the mixed hash was all very well for pussies but wanted to abuse their manly physiques to the fullest of their abilities, both running and On-Oning. Runs start at 4:15 every third Saturday of the month and the format for runs and On-ons is similar to the mixed hash but demands rather more stamina.


Miri Wild Women Hash House Harriettes (MWH3)

The Miri Wild Womens Hash started in 1995 as the usual rebellion to men having fun on their own. They also run at 4:15 every third Saturday of the month but obviously at different locations to the men. The tipple at the On-On is more varied ( wine, G&T etc as well as beer) but otherwise is similar to the other hashes. Any male hashers invading the On-On are likely to be stripped, but note that any women are welcome to try invading the mens hash!


Full Moon Hash

The Full Moon Hash was inaugurated on 31st July 2004 and takes place monthly on the last Saturday of the month. Runs start at 6:30 and since they are in the dark, they are usually kept relatively short and easy, but no guarantees are given. Runs are followed by a BYO beach BBQ. Beer for Down-Downs is provided but you need to bring your own staple drink. Also recommended is a tent for those in no fit state to drive home. The Full Moon Hash is a family affair with lots of horrors in attendance but hopefully tucked-up in bed before the assembly becomes to riotous.


MH3 Borneo Ball Breaker

The Borneo Ball Breaker Run was started by the Miri Mixed Hash in 2002 with the intention of providing an extreme, challenging, international event. The first run was in the order of 25km and ran over the Lambir range of hills with front runners taking about 4 hours and back-markers 8+. The runs are divided into 3 sections with water stops and opportunities to drop out if needed. This also enables a larger number to participate since they can opt to do only the first one or two sections (but no survivor tee shirt). The run takes place in October/November and has become an annual event with each successive one getting tougher, to the extent that the 2004 run over-reached itself when the front runners took 8 hours to complete the first two sections and a cut-off was called before the third section.


Bakam Challenge

Although not actually a hash, this event is supported by many hashers. It is a single entry or team event and comprises around two hours mountain biking followed by about 2 hours jungle running (front runner times)