RED DRESS RUN- Organised by the Hash House Harriers,  The run is usually between 2 and 5 miles  and participants start assembling, registering.  It is open to men and women alike and though the concept originated as a charitable event to raise money for Kidney center, it donates its proceeds to other charities as well. It’s a tradition born before few organizations turned to running events as a way to raise money and long before anyone ran in a dress of red color. the Red Dress Charity Run fee will be RM60.00 and wearing a red shirt is a must and a red-shirt will be provided. the event will held once per year. The next red dress run will be held on 05/05/2017


– 05 May 2017 (Friday) ~ Run Start at 4pm
Red Dress Run at Marina Bay (Register Fee RM60 including Run & T-Shirt)
5km / 7km / 10km (Provied bus to run site for outsider, depart on 2pm)


– 2017年5月5号 (星期五) ~ 起跑时间在下午4时
红衣跑地点设在 – 美里滨海湾 ~ 报名费为马币六十零吉(包含跑步费与T-恤衫)
跑步路线分为5公里 / 7公里 / 10公里 (提供巴士载送服务给外来 “捷兔” 抵达会场, 下午二时出发)


Register Contact Person

1. Miss Ivy Chung Wan Sing +6016 851 6668

2. Miss Chung Nyuk Jin +6017 851 6919

3. Miss Jennifer Fam +6016 873 4488

4. Mr Jetsam Cham +6016 333 5747

5. Mr Straw Cock +6013 570 5181

6. Mr BMW GM +6019 857 8383

image1-1 Red Dress Run 2015
red-dress-run-in-new-orleans-1 Red Dress Run
marina-bay-pic-4 5KM Run Map
marina-bay-pic-2 2KM Run Map

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